The Great Awakening

“How can you be so cheerful when there is such turmoil in this world? What kind of anti-depressants are you on? Don’t you care?”

Most people across the globe are just surviving. Their everyday lives are consumed byscraping together basic needs like food and shelter. Some have excess wealth, but they’re probably focused on continuing to accumulate more assets, or while worrying about how to maintain what they already have. Everyone is doing their best to simply “make a living.” Mere existence often seems difficult, frustrating and depressing.

Some people seek temporary relief through sex, sleep, vacation, drugs or alcohol. Others find solace in religion which promises a better life after death in exchange for faithfulness, good deeds or weekly donations. Certain groups even try to impose their religion by force. Another means of coping is to invest emotion, energy and trust in political leaders, hoping a stable government will improve society’s circumstances. Politicians promise a chicken in every pot, a car in every driveway, a house for every citizen, and free institutions like healthcare or college education. Yet, once elected, these officials rarely make conditions better.

So, regardless of country, creed, race, gender or station in society, we all become entangled in this man-made, human nature web. At an earthly level, there doesn’t appear to be any means of escape—short of destroying ourselves. The Buddha referred to this state as “suffering”

But, do you really think this type of existence is why you were born? Do you think this is your sole purpose in life—just to follow along, adapt, fit in, and do what everybody else is doingor what has already been done before? Do you think your life on earth doesn’t matter and that your reward will come after you die? Do you think a certain political leader will create meaningand fulfillment in your daily reality? Do you think “bigger and better” material possessions will bring ultimate happiness? You have a choice whether to follow this unconscious pattern or to wake up and truly live.

There is a world-wide evolution in consciousness happening right now, one individual at a time. Although their numbers are small—and perhaps not noticeable when compared to the total population—they continue making an impact. They understand the power of truth, authenticity,integrity, love and life in both their experience and expression. They are awakening, or have awakened, to the knowledge that every human being is a unique aspect of whatever intelligent force orchestrates every living thing in this universe.

There is design, control and order in the universe—from the smallest atom to the movement of the planets around the sun. Something makes us sleep so that we feel re-energized. Something makes us blink, breathe and mature from babies to adults. Whatever this “something” consists of, it wields power, intelligence and control. We can trust it, just as we trust the sun to “rise” and spring to emerge from winter. Both these examples are a testament to this power that can be trusted and relied upon.

Moreover, this power cannot be used for selfish purposes or manipulated by those with impure hearts. It cannot be seen or heard, except by those with “eyes to see and ears to hear.” It can only be expressed and experienced by people of integrity who have come to know that power for themselves. It possesses a unique purpose, and the only choice we have is to move in accordance with life’s purpose for both the body of mankind and the universe, or to resist it and reap the consequences.

We can access this power in the present moment through stillness, thankfulness and silence. It exists everywhere throughout the universe at all times. It continually unfolds in a profound state of being. I Am, and We Are. This perfect eternal state is available right now. We only need to awaken and receive it into our own lives. It can even be described as our salvation.

After awakening, you might still find yourself working, but that labor will no longer be your primary focus. Circumstances will gradually change. You might work different durations,change occupations or become more creative. You might become more aware of your surroundings, the environment and the people in your life. You might spend time meditating,exercising and playing. You might be more aware of your body, dietary needs and physical activity levels. You might be drawn to like-minded individuals and realize you are not alone.

You may feel happier, lighter or more vibrant. Other people might even ask, “Why are you so cheerful?” Your demeanor could, in fact, inspire others to awaken as well. So, this awakening has ultimately become our challenge and opportunity for the twenty-first century.

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Alan quit high school, became a radio announcer, went back as a mature student to university, then law school, practiced law for about 14 years, then a Deputy Judge of the Small Claims Court. He has been doing that part-time exclusively since about 1993. He also taught law at a community college, self published two little books, DJ'd part-time, played tennis and walked in the woods a lot. Alan was born and brought up in downtown Toronto and is currently residing in Pickering.

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  1. Shaun

    I am appalled by this man’s behaviour in court as a Judge in the Newmarket small claims. I have never heard such social/economic discrimination in my life coming out of a person who is supposed to be an impartial and unbiased professional. He dismissed a single father’s case based on his ability to pay the plaintiff’s, not on the merits of the case. Even though the Plaintiff’s were caught in a couple lies in their testimony, Alan Fisher found in their favour based on their appearance and economic status. As you read this, a official complaint against Alan Fisher is being filed with the Ontario Judicial Council. Anyone wishing to receive official transcripts of the court case in question, feel free to contact me.

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