Consider joining Business Referral Group if you are in sales

If you are in sales looking for new ways to find new customers, then joining a business association is an absolute must. I’ve been to several meetings organized by different associations and they slightly differ in one form or another. I already spoke about Canadian-Ukrainian Business Expo earlier. Now, I’ll discuss something called business referral group. Some of them are massive like BNI Toronto and requires higher registration and renewal fees. Some are small like South Etobicoke Business Referral Network that requires relatively lower registration and renewal fees.

These business networks operate by welcoming only one person from each business category. In other words, there could only be one person from real estate, one from social media, one from mortgage broker and so on. This way, they eliminate any competition and all the leads will go to one person only. All the members have to contribute certain number of leads every month. Therefore, new business developments are generated through the power of referrals which is still the best way to do business.

The only drawback is that you can’t join more than one such groups as it leads to conflict of interest. Most groups allow you to visit up to 3 times before you can decide to become a member. So, I encourage you to find as many groups as you possibly can that might be of interest to you and check them out. You can find either by googling ‘Business Referral Network’ or visiting If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, leave them in the comment section.

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