How did Sonoplace start?

Since I moved to Toronto from Dhaka (Bangladesh), I was fascinated by everything the city has to offer. Even though it took sometime to adjust to my new surroundings, I was ready to explore all the avenues in the city. I met new friends, learned new cultures, visited new places and tried new food (Sushi is now my favorite!). I felt I learned a lot in 2 years living in Toronto than I learned living in Dhaka for almost 2 decades.

I always looked for ways to contribute to the city: volunteered at City of Toronto Special Events and other non-profit organizations, interned at municipal and provincial government for more than 8 months and attended several local events. Being a music junkie, I came across Drake and started following his music very closely. He has different kind of vibe in music and helped him break through the music industry and become one of the greatest. I respect him because of his love for the city is unparalleled. With his songs about the 6ix (our new name….lol), he took Toronto to a whole new level and marketed it as the ‘coolest city’.

I am very opinionated and always wanted to express myself creatively. So, I thought it would be awesome to start a blog about Toronto. Instead of creating a personal blog, I made it ‘open-source’ so that anyone can share their ideas, opinions and rants about¬†Toronto. I believe, this way, we can understand issues facing Torontonians and bring the community together. So, why the word ‘Sonoplace’? Sono is an indian/south asian word which means ‘to listen’. Place is obviously place. So, Sonoplace is a place where people come to be heard.

So, if you are interested in contributing, please check the ‘Write for us’ tab on top. There is no age or topic restriction as long as it has some connection with Toronto. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas. You can send me personally at Photo credit: Toronto Sun

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Sakib started this site to share and exchange opinions and rants about Toronto. He started writing since high school. 3 of his articles have been published in The Daily Star (, a leading English newspaper based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He moved to Toronto to pursue a degree in business administration. Currently, he is responsible for business development and operations for One Click Works; helping business owners by providing general help solutions on demand. You can reach him via phone/text at 647-779-7416

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