Ganaraska Forest – A Hike to Remember

An hour and a half scenic drive from Toronto to Campbellcroft with breathtaking views, rolling luscious hills will steal the heart of anyone who is enthralled with natural beauty.  Situated in the heart of Campbellcroft is Ganaraska Forest Center, an eptitome of recreational activities such as mountain biking, skiing, snow shoe trails, hiking trails, horseback riding, photography, nature study and tree top trekking. Center is open on the weekend from 9 AM – 4 PM.

Hiking requires physical fitness and  zealous ability to cope with the rough terrain along with a spirit of adventure.  Walking through the forest vigilantly in order to catch a glimpse of wildlife procrastinated the completion of the hike; however, it was worth the wait.  Building confidence, eliminating fear, developing the skill to survive even the deadliest dilemma originates from trekking  through the forest with a buddy not knowing what is waiting for you on the trails.





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