Could Someone (Please) Buy Me A Ticket To See Hamilton?

I’m desperate, and I will do just about anything to see this show. In case you haven’t heard, there’s a new musical out that is taking Broadway by storm.  Hamilton–written and starring Lin Miranda Manuel—is the award winning musical that infuses hip-hop, musical theater, and history all into one. That’s a jackpot for me. It’s critically acclaimed. It’s fresh and innovative. It’s the hottest thing right now. Everyone’s going out to see it. And yet I’m too broke to go.

So who is Hamilton? Alexander Hamilton is considered one of the Founding Fathers of America. He’s on our $10 dollar bill. He had a troubled childhood; he endured abandonment, poverty, suicide, and tragic losses. Through his hard work, talent, and persistence, he became Washington’s sideman and eventually one of the most prolific diplomats in history. To quote your favorite rapper, he started from the bottom.

But back to my dire situation. Allow me to plead my case, because I need you to feel bad (enough) for me.  My volunteering experience has ranged from gardening at community farms to washing dishes and tables at shelters. I love West Side Story so much that I attempted to make a revival of the Sondheim classic. I never got a chance to see Rent or Spring Awakening when they were on Broadway. I’m an actress with a mountain of student loan debt. I’m just a sista making her way into the world, one clumsy move at a time. I’m all by my lonesome in Toronto with no friends or family, please feel bad.  

It would be a treat if I could see it around my birthday in the Fall. However Manuel will be leaving the show in July— that’s next month!—so my mission is to see it while he’s still there. I may be making a fool of myself by writing this. I know this sounds like a high school theater nerd making lame attempts on deaf ears. But I got a hunch yesterday that told me to just try, be bold and write what I know. I know that I love musicals, and Hamilton makes me passionate about the Arts. This show vibrates powerful energy, and it reminds me why I shouldn’t give up on my dream of performing on and off stage.

Tickets are available on, but the message that comes up is this:

Currently, tickets to Hamilton on Broadway are extremely limited.”

Big surprise right? Other sites include StubHub and Ticketmaster. If you know someone who knows someone who has a friend that has tickets (and one of them falls ill), please think of me. Rewards include me cooking a meal for you and cleaning your house. Thank you.   

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Courtney is a self professed bad ass and explorer. She’s an actress coming from NYC (greetings Torontonians!). Originally from Washington DC, she studied Theater in Salem, VA while performing in various college productions. She continued her studies in NY and gained an interest in piano playing, as well as the local jazz clubs in Greenwich Village. She’s passionate about giving back to the community and helping others in need. If she’s not singing or keeping her nose buried in a book, she enjoys staying active by dancing and bike riding. Tell her a good joke and she’ll love you forever. She is currently residing in Riverdale.

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