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Last Saturday, I went to attend Inspire TO’s festival for the first time. I came across their information on Kijiji. I responded to the ad to obtain some more information regarding the festival. Teresa, PR Officer, responded to my inquiry and gave me all the information including press release and pictures.

They are the producer of Canada’s largest 10 minutes play festival. From 2nd June onward, they’ll showcase work of 24 writers from around the globe selected from 721 submissions (congrats guys!). InspireTO is always looking for ways to take things to the next level. Here are some characteristics they follow:

a) Cohesive delivery

b) Hands on training for artists

c) Platform for diverse voices

d) Innovative use of technology and space

e) Audience feedback

Teresa handed me free tickets to attend the show. As I’ve never seen anything quite like it, I had to give this a shot. The event took place at 70 Berkeley Street at the Alumnae Theatre. Fortunately, parking nearby was cheaper on weekends. So, I reached there around 6:45pm and went straight to see the show.

There was about 5-10 mins for the show to start. Once the show started, everything went really smooth. The challenge for the actors was to get across the best possible message in 10 min duration and make it not only entertaining but also memorable. The music, lighting, choreography as well as the characters themselves were very professional. There were a lot swearing involved which I didn’t expect (which I think helped getting the message across). I really liked the last group: I feel the family did a great job explaining how the Kardashians function and informing  that it’s everyone’s right to live a normal life free from media and attention.

There was also a short Q & A session with the creative director and producer. They went over choreography, lighting, stage design as well as the sequence of each play. They take feedback very seriously and asked everyone to fill out a short survey highlighting top 3 acts and with comments for improvement. More more info, visit:


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