Remembering Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali is probably my very first mentor after my grandpa. He was (and still is) the perfect example of proving anything is possible if put your heart and soul into anything. Remembering this great legend helped me overcome many lows in my life: I would think how Muhammad Ali would react if such a situation occurred to him.

His life is an illustration of how someone can come from nowhere and make a name of himsef/herself even in areas/professions where certain groups are disrespected. Boxing has been a white men’s sports for a very long time. Ali has been in boxing his entire life and dedicated every waking moment mastering his craft and becoming a pro. He exemplifies the quote “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”. He literally worked his ass off and never complained about any adversities.

He, knowing or unknowingly, has inspired many of us to live boldly and achieve full potential. All of our dreams can come true if we believe and work really hard for it. Perhaps, my work ethics may not be as strong as his. But, we can definitely take sometime to study this great legend and improve on areas that we always overlooked.

He wasn’t into boxing just for the name or fame. He had deep personal beliefs about overcoming adversities and showcasing his talent as a fighter: fight for his race, religion and greatness. He was making a statement through his livelihood. Besides boxing, he was also a magician and a civic/religious leader (if you youtube ‘ali magician’ and ‘ali speech’, you’ll see all kinds of videos). He had deep connection with with spirituality and constantly focused on deeper meaning of life.

His passing was a great loss for the humanity. I am not a huge boxing fan but his personality transcended beyond boxing. He is a role model for people from all walks of life: whether you’re a CEO or a street beggar. His conversion to Islam in 1964 was a huge gain for the Muslim community and he definitely lived his life based on the principles and teachings of Muhammad (PBUH) to the best of his ability.

The world has truly lost a great legend. I am sure his words will inspire generations to come. I, on behalf of the greater Toronto area, would like to share condolences and prayers for Muhammad Ali, his family and all those who are near and dear to him.

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