Transformation – To a world that needs healing

As I sit here on the deck of this cabin over looking a beautiful lake enfolded by trees, with the occasional duck or loon floating by, it’s easy to be peaceful and one with life. From this idyllic physical setting, I offer a vibrational attunement through my heart and consciousness to those in the world who are longing for a different way of living.

The mind-made, human nature world is insane and destructive; everyone seeking to “get” rather than “give”.
Mainly it’s men’s hearts and their “victim consciousnesses” that have been filled with hate, anger and fear; blaming some other group-  the Jews, Muslims, non- Muslims, immigrants, the wealthy, the current government, the Russians, the Americans etc., – for all their troubles.

Some people are awakening to the fact that there is no answer at a human nature level. No amount of “fire power”, gun control, truck control, defensiveness, compromise, negotiations or “political correctness”, will resolve the problems in the world. Vibrationally, verbally and in consciousness we need to say, “enough already”. Some are finally realizing that they can’t change the world; that the only one we can change is ourselves. Well, that’s a much easier job and something that we are capable of doing, but it takes a shift in consciousness and a change in our “ego identity”. So, we let go of everything out there and surrender.

Surrender to whom or to what? Well, to whatever higher intelligence and power that created you, me, everyone and everything. It doesn’t matter what name you give it or whether you believe it or not. The reality is something higher or more intelligent or more powerful and it is in control. Something makes you breathe, sleep, blink, moves the earth, grows grass, created the cosmos, is the source of life. We all belong to the family of Man, no matter what colour, gender, nationality or whatever else that seemingly divides. Everyone is already included; no on is excluded. It’s impossible to separate oneself from all of life.

So, lay down your guns, your protests, objections, ,opinions, judgments, criticisms, self-active minds etc.; they don’t mean a thing in the cosmic scheme of things. Yes, we are all created equal, but that doesn’t me we are of equal ability or that we are equally entitled to material things or that someone else should provide us with an equal standard of living. We were given life; that’s a great gift and a miracle.
Hopefully, we can chose a government that allows us the liberty and atmosphere to pursue happiness, but no one else can make you happy. Only you can decide to be happy, no matter the outer circumstances. In the world, but not of it.

If we are all “God’s” children, then let’s stop fighting about the differences and love the Father of all, with all. A way to do that is through surrendering, meditating, stillness and thankfulness. As we let go in humility to that one common, higher source, we might just find the spaciousness to truly feel love for one another.

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Sakib started this site to share and exchange opinions and rants about Toronto. He started writing since high school. 3 of his articles have been published in The Daily Star (, a leading English newspaper based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He moved to Toronto to pursue a degree in business administration. Currently, he is responsible for business development and operations for One Click Works; helping business owners by providing general help solutions on demand. You can reach him via phone/text at 647-779-7416

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