Smart is cool! How do you define ‘smart’?

The way things are portrayed in the media (mostly from celebrities’ side), it feels like everybody have to do drugs, swear  the crap out, give people false sense of hope and many similar things in order to look smart. It’s like living life in the fast lane where everyone is running high. This phenomenon is so tempting that it’s hard not to get caught up.

How do you define smart? Is it about having all things bling-bling or is there more to it? Being a nerd, I always feel that people are smart when they perform or do something that’s not ordinary. E.g solving a rubik’s cube in seconds, ability to retain a lot of names after an event, having a high IQ and the list goes on.  These kind of things fascinates me the most than cars and other stuffs.

Recently, I came across a show in CBC called Canada’s Smartest Person. The show is about finding the brightest minds across Canada and putting them through insane challenges to determine the person with the most functional elements overall. They have 6 categories of test: musical, physical, social, logical, visual and linguistic. My personal favorites are musical and visual since I play guitar.

I felt like this is one of best shows to highlight the role models Canada and other country desperately needs for inspiration and motivation. It is great to have a conversation around this topic for everyone to critically think about their wide range of capabilities and using them to the best of their ability. Now, that’s smart, right? Leave your comments below.


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