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How come some people are so good at convincing others about how an individual should be treated? Why do people enjoy targeting an individual disliked by certain people who may feel inferior due to upbringing, social status, education, family background etc.

When a mother has kids, does she only raise her kids or the kids in a community to earn a good name so people will listen to her when she decides to vanquish someone who she feels is better than her own kids or else why would she waste her sweet time?

When kids engage in sexual conduct at an early age and then discuss about it in public, people form an opinion which may lead to those kids becoming prey to those seeking a good time without a commitment.   If women are from cultures where arranged marriage is predominant men from good families won’t even give a second look at girls who have a promiscuous reputation.

These girls don’t stop from sharing their sexual history with only one adult or other teens, at that age they think it is cool or hip to have a boy friend, go dating and even have sex as a teenagers.  They don’t realize that once they start discussing their personal stories, through grape vine it spreads, leaving them unmarried, miserable and alone.

When teens and adults  start telling their parents to scold, curse or spread stories and lies about other teens and adults their karma is accumulating and they need to look at themselves in the mirror to determine how their life is and will be in 10 or 20 years.

No matter what an individual does or says and is believed by others who might give a 0/2 on an assignment in an university course, or go for numerous interviews and not get hired after creaming the interview or  just tortured wherever she goes, gets failed by the driving test examiner, refund not given when course dropped immediately maybe never, the person who is making this happen might be laughing, dancing, cheering, thanking people for helping her destroy and ruin her enemy’s life, glorified with victory and merrily eats dinner with her family. But for how long, is this going to last for ever, are we going to live forever.

It all needs to come to an end one day.  The bully and her pact (the whole world) might be enjoying their victory targeting one individual; however, no matter what they do to this individual hoping she will commit suicide, this woman is still living.

They may have the satisfaction that they have prevented her from pursuing her masters, prevented her from climbing her career ladder, prevented her from getting her driver license and prevented her from so many things. They may be laughing that they have the support of the community to destroy the life of this one person; so what, all these people who take the side of a self-destructive bully are bullies themselves and they should feel sorry for their kids since they are raised by bullies who go around talking about how to stop bullying.

What is garbage? When some one calls a person garbage or says you will get someone who is garbage like you? How should we interpret the term garbage especially when you call a virtuous woman who is god fearing, raised by a disabled father and a pious grandma who adored her and instilled good values in her who is from a noble clan. Thus, it is silly when you call a person like this garbage especially when their children are indulging in sex or simply making up stories while not engaging in sexual conduct to find out about this woman’s sexual conduct.

Once they find out that this woman is not promiscuous, virtuous, leading an exemplary life then they start to spread stories since they want to lead a virtuous life and turn other women into prostitutes, call girls, escorts, be smothered and rubbed by men while they stand 30 cm away from people. Don’t be surprised!  There are women like this who are from the same cultural background as you who would do this to you since they have some sort of twisted character so they pretend to be nice to find out about you so they can destroy your life if you have a good one, free and clear of going with men.

A challenge for women like this: they will go to any extent, any lengths to destroy the life of this one woman who they feel inferior to.  No matter what they have done to her over the years, this woman is still alive, happy and dancing after all the silly things done to her by this woman and her pact: failing her course, failing her road test, failing her interview, she still laughs and does not care!!  Why? Because this life is not permanent so whatever life throws at you, take it happily. Are we going to drive  a car forever, no. Are we going to have our masters degree forever, no. Are we going to hold a director job forever, no. Since our life is not forever.

If we think that whatever happens has already been written and we are only given what we have earned due to our merits and good karma then when we face failures we don’t care and take it easy!!

So we should wish our enemies all the best in their life’s endeavors!!


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I like using fictitious characters to elaborate on factual events portrayed in our community for public awareness. Small articles for entertainment purposes are my cup of tea as well. My hobbies include outdoor activities such as hiking, camping and so forth. If I get the opportunity, I seek adventures and explore new places related to art, culture, museums, gardens, caves etc. Observing people, travelling, exploring instill the thirst to pen my thoughts down in a meaningful and authentic manner.

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