Survival in a Promising Land

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When life should be secure with a steady salary after completing an education in a country where you think everyone has a fair shot, you have to wonder?  Unless someone is sincere about hiring an individual regardless of wealth, caste, creed and social status, should not be called for an interview to face rejection.

Professional and personal lives should be kept separate and interviewers should refrain from listening to wining ones and complaining ones who simply thrive on failure of enemies or those they dislike. Or if they are inclined to listen to what these wining vicious being have to say, then they should invite both parties so they can impart their side of the story.

After living in a country and growing up with the hope of owning a home, car, job and a good life, this person is doomed and lives in despair due to people choosing the wrong side and maybe allowing their personal dislike preventing them from hiring a deserving individual.  Goes for a road test, fails, goes for interview after interview, rejection.

If people don’t show fairness and or kindness then the tears will eventually vanquish the happiness of all since people are accumulating bad karma by not helping but hurting others by choosing to listen to one person over another. No one can understand why a person does what they do unless they go inside their mind and no one can do that.

If a person grows up with a mother who does not care or have the time to talk or nurture or guide and a disabled father who has speech problems but adores his child and talks with few words and phrases and can’t actually fulfil the complete role of a father due to brain distortion then can a society condemn an individual who had to grow up fast? An individual who had to take care of herself at the age of 6 when the father became disabled since everyone in the household fell apart due to the crisis.

Due to the selfish nature of the maternal figure, the children ended up in jail, not having the street smartness required to survive and succeed in this cut throat country where people try to outsmart one another for jobs etc.

A person needs to look at the whole picture and not allow a person’s personal live interfere with their professional success.


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