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Powers that lie in a subtle form within a being can resurface even after death.  Those who are near and dear to you will always surround themselves in spirit to protect you from harm.

Even continents and cities that separate loved ones will not prohibit the spirit from circling the soul of the one that it yearns to be near. Thus, the spirit and positive aura will induce the loved one to move mountains to be in close proximity once again.

Their spirit will cause the soul to achieve materialistic ambitions to pacify the spirit of the ones they love who want them to be successful and rise from death.

Spirits can cause an individual to remember them and share their experiences with others to keep their life afloat.  They will induce a person to fulfil their short comings and dreams through their loved ones.

They tend to live in the hearts and in the daily lives of the ones they love, watching them and walking with them even though they can’t see them who are in another dimension?

Treasure the time with loved ones since nothing is forever!!

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