My Life is a Big Lie


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Unless a child is told clearly, he or she will grow up thinking the mother likes him or her and has the  best interest. The child does not know that the mother is the enemy, jealous of her and tries to kill her or raises her hoping to sell her to the highest bidder or shift her to the red light zone to work.

The child is innocent and looks at the mother for help in her youth when she needs her the most to help her get the first job, get promoted and marry the man of her choice.  However, the poor child’s fate has been written on a harsh dark stone in the wicked heartless eyes of her mother who ensures the daughter’s fate is sealed without any hope of success.

The mother’s words, lies have touched the foolish hearts who have tormented her along with her husband and prevented the daughter from having a stable income and brought the husband to his knees with tears pouring from his fear stricken eyes wondering why he chose this family to marry. She sleeps in peace with her trophy that ruined her husband’s business so he has only pennies to count and maxed his credit card to pay the bills and rent.

Unfortunately, this poor soul did not know the extent to which the mother in law will go to punish him for marrying her daughter whom she planned to go with men to earn money and live in an apartment in the bad neighbourhood  with police sirens flaring.

The mother did not want the daughter to have  a regular income so she can continue to torture her along with her relatives who dislike her since she is not their kin and belongs to a sect she is unaware since no one told her who she really is. Her entire life is a secret; no one cared enough to reveal the true identity, who her real mother is and why she was raised by this woman who from day 1 hated her and pretended to take care of her in front of her father.

After he fell ill, the true colours of this woman surfaced; however, the daughter had no idea who she was dealing with until it was too late. She was cheated out of her fabulous future which she deserves just like any other daughter. However, other daughters did splendidly well since they had nurturing mothers who helped them get promoted, praised them and did not call the police to evict them.

The mother told her husband he will get half the house and then said he will get it when she dies. What is the point of getting inheritance after the age of 60 when the desire to spend money decreases with age along with health which is why insurance is reduced with age. The mother in law has no intention of allowing the son in law or her daughter to lead a peaceful life with wealth; hence, she plots and plans along with her clan to spread lies, tapes their conversations violating their privacy when words are spoken out of pity for oneself and sadness to send the son in law and daughter to prison.

To be continues….. Lies continue, tears can fill an ocean, every day is a nightmare filled with sleeplessness and fear


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I like using fictitious characters to elaborate on factual events portrayed in our community for public awareness. Small articles for entertainment purposes are my cup of tea as well. My hobbies include outdoor activities such as hiking, camping and so forth. If I get the opportunity, I seek adventures and explore new places related to art, culture, museums, gardens, caves etc. Observing people, travelling, exploring instill the thirst to pen my thoughts down in a meaningful and authentic manner.

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