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How does one’s mind work? When more than one family lives under the same roof, comparisons and jealousy stirs rampantly. Regardless of whether it is justified or not, people tend to torture themselves wondering how to bring those onto the street like a fallen bag of stones.  They forget what people have done for them and waste time and life on what they did not do for them instead of letting bygones be bygones unless we know the reasons why they did not help them especially if they had asked for help.

In that instance, sometimes it is better not to permit relatives or anyone when in doubt of how they might react or if they have a tendency to cause trouble and indulge in backbiting.  It may be more practical to host them up in a hotel instead of giving them a bed in your own home. Since an act of kindness may result in future turmoil for yourself and your family. They may act as if they know you, your kids and paint images of how mean and monstrous they are since they want to ruin their lives since they felt bad living with them due to the fact that their spouse did not shower them with clothes, perfume and gifts on their return from abroad.

Thus, they pick on an easy target to cause tension in the marriage resulting in the demise of the breadwinner.  Slowly and patiently they wait to start a fire burning and spiral out of control with clever plotting and planning to ensure the kids of their enemy are split up by pinning one against the other. Pretend and lie to wreck havoc and bring them down at every whim, lose jobs, business, encounter failure, crisis, not hired or promoted, bad name in the society etc.

You are not one: You are who you think you are, who others think you are or should be like and finally, who you really are whether you want to be like that or not is a different story. We can’t be the same at all times. You may have to pull one face in one environment and another bag of tricks in another environment. A person who may lie about one person to get ahead in life and win medical seats for their grand kids and wealth for their kids at the expense of another person’s life maybe the most sweetest and kindest person who you have ever met since that is how they want you to see them or how else can they get their daughter to finish PH.D or their grand kids to have a great education and ensured their enemies daughter even though was a natural A student was given poor marks in biology and science in high school which caused her to drop the ambition of being a doctor and changed her  life’s path and went down a different road.

They cheer for one relative and boo another – after living with them but then they think that sending suitcases filled with things can make up for all the sins and lies they uttered!!

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