Relatives who prey on helpless girls

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Relatives who earn a good name in the society and hold a reputable status, family man, highly qualified, businessman can prey on female relatives without a strong support system, lacks a healthy father to protect her and a mother who believes lies and indulges in wrongdoings.  Thus, they induce people to believe their lies and people do either due to fear or since they thank their lucky stars they are not victimized by bullies of this nature and in order to sway the bullies away from their directions they go along with their constant torture of helpless relatives.

They want to be affluent, well connected in order to engage in unethical practices like ruining the business of the their relative’s husband, ensuring the female relative does not have a regular income and faces hardships living in a run down apartment in a bad neighborhood. They can easily convince anyone to believe their lies and have circles of friends and influence that prevail to destroy lives of those they feast their greedy lusty eyes on to satisfy their sexual appetite.

Unfortunately, if they are refused they take drastic measures to spread lies about the feeble female relative in the society in order to close all doors for their future so they they are stuck: either live like a pauper or die.  They coerce and reward family members to take legal action and send eviction notice since those they couldn’t sleep with should not be wealthy, or peaceful. Thus, they should live in constant fear and worry about whether the  crime stoppers will barge in to evict poor relatives out of their home, get harassed by electric and energy companies to pay money they do not owe etc.


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