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A minority female growing up with a disabled father whose wealth was stolen from him after making him ill with either magic or a well planned accident causing his head injury and continuing with unnecessary treatment to further damage his brain.

Thus, this misfortune led to his only daughter being penalized and endured harsh and cruel treatment amidst relatives, home and society. The mother dislikes the daughter and portrays a different believable picture than the truth to ensure the daughter fails and remains poor beggar while the son has a house on the hills, luxury life since she likes him.

Can the society be blamed for believing the lies of the mother and others when the father cannot stand up for the daughter due to speech problems, brain injury and not being aware of what is going on in his daughter’s life or lacks the influence the mother has gained.

The mother took the daughter without the father’s permission out of the country where she was born and later took the house misleading the ill fated husband and thus ensured the daughter had no materialistic wealth to support her and no relatives and turned everyone against her.

It was easy for her to do this since she had built the trust and pretended to care when all she wanted to do was steal the daughter’s wealth and make her suffer for her single separated life with her husband who couldn’t fulfil her dreams of having a happy married life. However, the truth of her real feelings are kept concealed in order to ruin her daughter’s life.

The mother ensured the daughter is treated badly by coworkers who think it is okay since that is what her mother and relatives would do. So if one person can treat her like trash then everyone can. She is ignored, called names by people since she has no one to  vouch for her so one lie from one individual multiples to tons of complaints and lies and people take advantage of women who have no one to protect them including their husbands who dislike them since the mother does not stand by the promise of giving half the house and wants to now give the full house to her son and his new bride inducing the daughter’s husband to verbally abuse his wife and make her feel worthless.

Why would anyone want to hire a woman for a high position  tossed out like garbage on the street by the mother and brother who were clever to encourage and make their lies seem like truth or the society believed the brother and mother since they have the support of the relatives and the society. They are deemed nice while the daughter is deemed bad, mean, slut.  No one would want to talk to or hire a woman who has no support from the family or relatives which is why the mother took her away from the homeland where she was born, had friends, and relatives who knew her for who she really was since they knew the father when he was healthy before the accident and at that the mother and her relatives had no chance to spoil her life so they had to wait until they could bring the father to his knees and set him up to fail with his fall from the bus resulting in a head injury and continued treatment to ensure his brain has limited activity to cause him to lead a short life and his wife was the master mind behind this plot to ruin the life of his daughter to ensure she leads a life of a pauper and earn a name of a slut.

Life is a living hell without a father who loves you!!! No one can replace the love of a mother, not a husband, no one!!!!

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