Regrets and more Regrets


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When you leave your homeland without realizing you will never set foot there again is a disappointment. No body would want to leave their birth country unless they had no choice and a child has to listen to a mother or step mother when a father does not have the capacity to make decisions. After living in a country for numerous years, it is easy for people to ask this person to leave to her birth country after the mother sells her house which her father built for her so if she goes back then she has to live on the streets.

So this person has to take it easy and encounter failure after failure; discarded for promotions, receives bad comments for performance in business or has to go back to her birth country since she was only brought to a new country so her mother or step mother can betray her and ruin her life by spreading lies about her to a whole new community when she had no one to speak on her behalf and those who knew her back then cannot fight back due to the missing years in action away from her birth place.

Thus, the mother or step mother took her away from her family and friends to punish her either because she disliked her husband and so punishing the daughter was her way of getting back at her husband or she actually disliked her daughter and wanted to be better than her so she can continue to torment her and trap her and make sure she does not succeed in her endeavors so she can live happily after the damage she has done and wrecked havoc on this girl’s life which is why she brought her here to a new country. It is easy when the mother is liked and has support and the daughter is disliked and lacks support. The daughter cannot be like the mother and cannot fill her shoes especially when she is not her mother, not in the way it counts.

A mother wants to see the daughter succeed, and gives her the guidance to succeed and a fair shot so she has a good life instead of a life on the street with nothing except a bowl to beg which is what she wants since she loves to watch her daughter cry and be scared of her since she is well connected with powerful people who can put her daughter behind bars even for sneezing.

Hard to imagine that mothers or step mothers can behave in this way unless you have personal experience!!!

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