Turmoil and then Some


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People love a man who allows others to torture her, torment her and insult her since he just put her name on ownership to buy the property but blurts that he invested money and she gave nothing so no one respects her at the place of business. In fact, workers forbid her from distributing things at her own restaurant which according to them is not hers but theirs and her husbands so she is treated like garbage there and forbidden from setting foot in there.


They dictate where she stood stand, accuse her of stealing, order her around, tell her the dress code since her husband allows them to and does not care as long as he likes the way they treat him. He tortures her and sends her to her mother’s to ask the poor old lady for money and more money and threatens to leave her unless she brings money.


He watches her wear rags, while he buys others expensive gifts.  He makes her spend her money and then does not give any money to her.  This so called husband enjoys while others treat her like a servant and garbage since that is what he thinks of her. He does not want her to succeed in her career or life but instead wants to ensure she lives in a filthy apartment, poor and alone.


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I like using fictitious characters to elaborate on factual events portrayed in our community for public awareness. Small articles for entertainment purposes are my cup of tea as well. My hobbies include outdoor activities such as hiking, camping and so forth. If I get the opportunity, I seek adventures and explore new places related to art, culture, museums, gardens, caves etc. Observing people, travelling, exploring instill the thirst to pen my thoughts down in a meaningful and authentic manner.

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