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Imagine starting a new business with hopes and dreams of prospering and doing something good for the society. Instead we are faced with workers who only care about their pay cheque, waste money and food to order more and and ensure the owners are left penniless with empty pockets so they can forget about living in a house but need to look for an apartment or end their lives.

Workers who want the previous owners to return, take over and run it without the new owners and blatantly declared that this is our business and you are not part of it to the face of the owners since they are vicious and heartless  crooks capable of doing anything even murder to make sure the owner;s wife is quiet.

They laugh and mock at the sales and enjoy when the business earns poor sales since they only care about shutting the business down since they absolutely dislike the two new owners. It is quite bleak and rather shocking that people can be so wicked at the sorrows of others. Then again why should they show any mercy when they are the root cause of the problems for the new owners who made a mistake not hiring new staff and keeping the old staff who are loyal to the previous owners. Workers who close the restaurant before closing time at 12 noon and chase the customers away so they can laugh at the tears of the new owners who can only count pennies. Staff who are asked to celebrate birthdays with cake but instead give pancake; Staff who are told to give candies with the bill don’t give or instead ask do you want?

Staff who condemn other staff who try to cooperate with the new owners to increase sales and they torture the employee so they run out of the business with tears pouring down their cheeks and then  they do the same to the owners. They don’t listen to the owners, do what they want, humiliate the owners in front of customers and threaten to walk out if they don’t get their way. Halleluiah and hats off to those who sold their business to the new victims who may have to foreclose their property SOON….

Staff who don’t want the owners there so they complain and say they are confused or it is too crowded not for them to be there but for the owner to be there. Staff who threaten to walk out if the owner gives juice etc etc. Staff who write bad reviews to shut the business down so the owners become bankrupt. Poor owners, they did not know what they were getting themselves into: Enemy territory with staff who loved the previous owners and hate the new owners. So good luck for the previous owners who sold the business and took to sun shine and bad luck to the current owners who are stuck in a worst possible nightmare come alive and no one to help!!

Night mare continues!!

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