Unforseen Danger Lurks Away

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BE it on a bus, on a crowded or desolate street, anywhere and everywhere danger prowls in the form of greedy youth and adults who would do anything to help themselves and their family for money, promises or just for the kicks to take their frustration or loneliness on others.

Some kids and youth fall through the cracks due to lack of parental involvement, poverty, zero goals in life or basically lack of motivation to succeed in any vocation. These youth or adults target walking innocent to permanently scar them physically and emotionally to induce them to a life of cripple, wheelchair or confinement to bed.

They kick those sitting on the bus, then injure their knees and continue to abuse them with their group of friends watching maybe to intervene to whack the victim to the knees and then throw the piece of garbage out of the bus to lie on the street.

When a society falls victim to rumors and gossip about an individual by jealous neighbors, land lords, family members who dislike them then will that society spiral downward and not prosper due to the sins it accumulates by allowing hatred and vice control them?

Wheels might turn around and around in motion and then look at you in the mirror one day when the society might turn on you since people need someone to pick on so they can feel empowered and better to feel proud that people listen to them and take action against the meek and helpless since they are the easiest of all to target. No one will choose the powerful, born and raised in a family showered with love and affection of two blood related parents.

I woke up, sweating and screaming, help me, but no one will when I have to live with a monster covered with sweetness who plays the helpless victim!! I realized it was only a dream; finally, the hideous creature with venom spitting out of the mouth who hurls curses disappeared for good this time…..



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I like using fictitious characters to elaborate on factual events portrayed in our community for public awareness. Small articles for entertainment purposes are my cup of tea as well. My hobbies include outdoor activities such as hiking, camping and so forth. If I get the opportunity, I seek adventures and explore new places related to art, culture, museums, gardens, caves etc. Observing people, travelling, exploring instill the thirst to pen my thoughts down in a meaningful and authentic manner.

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