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Look around us, do we take a minute to stop and look at others or do we continue down the path – journey to discover who we really are.  Christmas, tis a time to spread some cheer around us by giving our time to those who need it.  Volunteer, donate and make your Christmas more meaningful.  Time has passed and when we look back do we see what we have achieved in such a small amount of time?

Why compare ourselves to others when we are not in the same boat to look down upon ourselves and ponder what could have been? Do we make the most of the time remaining or do we spend it in meaningless ways?

Do we let bygones be bygones or do we blame others for our mistakes and show people we are big and better, more powerful and influential so we can step on others and persuade our allies to step on our victims to punish them for mistakes they may not even know they committed.. We all conduct our lives based on parameters and variables given to us by those who raised us, the environment we live in and the opportunities granted to us.

Unfortunately, we all want what others have and if we can’t have what they have then should we try to bring them down or destroy them so we can feel better?  In a society where doors do not open automatically and even knocking does not help, how can an average person complete an education and hope to secure a living?  Getting the right grades starting from high school combines with University in order to get the dream job is beyond the reach of an average human being unless you are in the inner circle.

We do not realize this until it is too late and even if we do we need to be quiet since we are not born with the silver spoon or part of the privileged in the world. These are all thoughts running through the mind of a young adult wondering if survival is possible? Whether the thoughts are have any significance or if it is just a figment of one’s imagination going overboard is yet to be unraveled?

You offer your hand to a known who spits in your face with harsh remarks – You are not privileged to shake my HAND!!



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I like using fictitious characters to elaborate on factual events portrayed in our community for public awareness. Small articles for entertainment purposes are my cup of tea as well. My hobbies include outdoor activities such as hiking, camping and so forth. If I get the opportunity, I seek adventures and explore new places related to art, culture, museums, gardens, caves etc. Observing people, travelling, exploring instill the thirst to pen my thoughts down in a meaningful and authentic manner.

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