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The regret of relocating in a new environment where no one wants to see you succeed is a pang of suffering. Due to a buildup of hatred and animosity due to others expecting you to be a certain way and punishing you for not living up to their standards.

We take what others don’t want or take their abuse, listen but not speak and bear the hateful and vicious remarks since they want you to have nothing, get nothing so they can take everything.

Thus, you are removed from your homeland where you had means of survival and dropped into enemy territory where you have no chance of survival. You are asked to go with men as an escort to earn a living after a degree in that same country since you have showed that you don’t deserve anything for not taking left overs and not being quiet.

So, your house that your father built was left behind and taken to a new country where no one wants to see you do well except a beggar or death. People loathe you and curse you; they want you to fail so they can laugh and thrive in your misery and torture you so you don’t want to work anymore or do anything except crawl under a bed and not come out.

This is the life of a child who lost her father and was removed unwillingly from her birth place and taken to a new place by a woman who wanted to punish her since she disliked her from the day she was born.

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