Christmas Cheer

      Look around us, do we take a minute to stop and look at others or do we continue down the path – journey to discover who we really are.  Christmas, tis a time to spread some cheer around us by giving our time to those who need it.  Volunteer, donate and make

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Lucky One

    The lucky one has everything while the wretched creature has nothing. If a child does not have a parent to shower love then she has nothing. A parent can bad mouth the one disliked to ensure the society favors the punishment bestowed by the parent who dislikes the child since she wants everything

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Unforseen Danger Lurks Away

    BE it on a bus, on a crowded or desolate street, anywhere and everywhere danger prowls in the form of greedy youth and adults who would do anything to help themselves and their family for money, promises or just for the kicks to take their frustration or loneliness on others. Some kids and

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