Island Life

      A life a child would never give up unless forced away from those who shower the love and support needed to survive and a willingness and desire to continue one’s life.  The experiences gained as a child would definitely serve and impact the adult life especially the gaps and holes caused by

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Winter Blues

homeless image – Bing images People who are homeless and living on the streets should be informed about places to visit to  get them back on their feet. Some one who has the means should go about informing those who need assistance, living in a cardboard box on the street corner, sitting on the subway

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I’m in the Annex

So I moved (again) to another neighborhood in Toronto, smack dab at Clinton St and Bloor St West aka The Annex. Originally called the Toronto Annex, the area was a subsidiary of Yorkville until the government requested the area to be a part of Toronto in 1887. Dupont Street, Bathurst, Bloor Street, and Avenue Road

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